Syriac Grammar

Classical Syriac Grammar

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*Latest Updates
-August 14, 2020 – Practice Sheet 9.1 – The Pe‘al Perfect of Verb ܗܘܵܐ
-August 10, 2020 – Translation exercises for Chapter 5.
August 7, 2020 – Update to vocabulary in Chapter 4.
-July 22, 2020 – Introduction to Vowels for Chapter 2 (Video)

*Coming Soon
-Nouns in Classical Syriac for Chapter 4 (Video)
-Chapter 9
-Revisions to Chapter 3
-Translation exercise for Chapter 6

1. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 1

a) Classical Syriac Grammar – Week 1 – Alphabet – Estrangela

b) Practice Sheet 1.1 – Alphabet Tracing Sheet – Estrangela

c) Practice Sheet 1.2 – Alphabet Practice Sheet – Estrangela

d) Practice Sheet 1.3 – Alphabet Sequence Practice – Estrangela

e) Practice Sheet 1.4 – Alphabet Practice with Following Letter Attached – Estrangela

f) Practice Sheet 1.5 – Alphabet Practice with Previous Letter Attached – Estrangela

g) Practice Sheet 1.6 – Syriac to English Transliteration – Estrangela

h) Practice Sheet 1.7 – Copy Work – Estrangela

i) Practice Sheet 1.8 – Alphabet Tracing Sheet – West Syriac (Serto)

j) Practice Sheet 1.9 – Alphabet Tracing Sheet – East Syriac

2. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 2

a) Classical Syriac Grammar – Week 2 – Vowels – Estrangela

b) Practice Sheet 2.1 – Vowel Points and Pronunciation – Estrangela

c) Practice Sheet 2.2 – Dividing Words into Syllables

d) Practice Sheet 2.3. – Estrangela – Writing Practice From Transliteration

e) Practice Sheet 2.4. – Estrangela – Copy Work With Vowels

f)  Chapter 2 Vocabulary Memorization Sheets

3. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 3

Classical Syriac Grammar – Week 3 – Other marks, Nouns, Inseparable Prepositions, Waw, Possessive ܕ, Verbless Clauses – Estrangela

b) Practice Sheet 3.1 – Memorizing Noun Paradigms

c) Practice Sheet 3.2 – Translation – Syriac to English

d) Chapter 3 Vocabulary Memorization Sheets

4. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 4

a) Classical Syriac Grammar – Week 4 – Overview of Finite Verbs, Peal Perfect, Direct Object, Negation, Steps for Translation – Estrangela

b) Practice Sheet 4.1 – Memorizing the Pe’al Perfect

c) Practice Sheet 4.2 – Translation – Syriac to English

5. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 5

a) Classical Syriac Grammar – Week 5 – Independent Personal Pronouns, Enclitics, Pronominal Suffixes on Prepositions – Estrangela

b) Practice Sheet 5.1 – Memorizing Independent Personal Pronouns

c) Practice Sheet 5.2 – Memorizing Pronominal Suffixes on Prepositions and Particles

d) Practice Sheet 5:3 – Translation – Syriac to English

6. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 6

Classical Syriac Grammar – Week 6 – Adjectives, Comparisons, Demonstratives, Relative/Interrogative ܐܝܢܐ

Practice Sheet 6.2 – Memorizing Demonstratives and Relative/Interrogative ܐܝܢܐ

7. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 7

Classical Syriac Grammar – Week 7 – Pronominal Suffixes on Nouns, Relative Clauses, Anticipatory Pronominal Suffixes – Estrangela

8. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 8

a) Classical Syriac Grammar – Week 8 – Pa‘‘el, ’Ap‘el, ’Etpe‘el, and ’Etpa‘‘al Perfect (Regular Verbs)

b) Practice Sheet 8.1 – Memorizing the Pa‘‘el, ’Ap‘el, ’Etpe‘el, and ’Etpa‘‘al Perfect (Regular Verbs)

9. Syriac Grammar – Chapter 9

b) Practice Sheet 9.1 – The Pe‘al Perfect of Verb ܗܘܵܐ

Appendix #1 –  Syriac Grammar – Verb Charts

Syriac Verb Chart: Strong Verb (Estrangela)

Appendix #2 – Syriac Grammar – Vocabulary Guide

Vocabulary Guide (Up to Chapter 8)

25 thoughts on “Syriac Grammar

  1. Thanks so much Dr. Francois. These are by far the best online Syriac teachings I’ve encountered. I especially appreciate your inclusion of vocabulary words in your video presentations, because it really helps people like me who have little to no Syriac knowledge to be able to hear how words of a new language should be properly pronounced.

    One more thing before I go. Do you or will you be posting videos on the Syriac vowel system?

    • Hi Harry. Thanks for leaving the comment. I’m glad the material is helpful. I am planning on doing two or three videos (I think!) on Syriac vowels: one doing a basic introduction to Syriac vowels, one that gives the vowels used in the eastern script, and possibly one that gives the vowels in the western script. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one or two of them up some time in January – but we’ll see what happens. Thanks again for the feedback.

  2. Very helpful and well done!

    By the way, allow me to mention the very impressive site, which may be of interest to readers here.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  3. I’ve only recently become interested in Syriac, and your grammar has been amazing for keeping this newfound obsession alive! Thank you so much for the work you do on this! I’m in the throes of study even now 😀

    • Thanks for leaving the comment. I appreciate it. I’m in the middle of preparing lectures for a last minute course I’m teaching in a couple of weeks so I haven’t been able to put up any new Syriac material for the website for a bit. Once that’s done I’m hoping to be able to get some new material up. Glad you’re enjoying it.

  4. Thank you every much for your work ! Very helpful and clear.
    Where could I ind a oriental syriac dialect dictionary with full vocalisation, if such a dictionary does exist ?
    Thanks again, I will pray for you !
    Frère Hugues.
    Abbaye de Randol
    F.-63450 Cournols

    • Are you looking for a Syriac to French dictionary, a Syriac to English dictionary, a Syriac to Latin dictionary, or a Syriac to Syriac dictionary? Or is there another kind of dictionary you are looking for? Let me know and I can give you a recommendation.

  5. Dear Dr. Mark François,

    My daughter is using your site to study Syriac. She’s going into ch. 4 and I can’t keep pace with her. She’s 15. I need a tutor to answer her questions and check her work. Please refer me to someone who is knowledgeable in Estrangela and I’ll pay them.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Jason. It’s great to hear that she’s using the material. I would have to do some thinking about how this would work, but I would be willing to check her work and answer her questions myself for free (depending on the time commitment). I’m just happy that she’s using the material. Send me an e-mail at and we can figure out how it might work.

  6. Thank you so much for your amazing work. Your videos are so professional and easy to follow. Do you plan to have more videos? That will he great! I have intermediate knowledge of Syriac grammar, I want to become advanced.

    • Hi Ester. Thanks for leaving a comment – I appreciate it. I’m hoping to do some more videos soon. I was pretty busy this year preparing courses that I taught in May and June. But now that those courses are done, I should have a bit more time – assuming the marking doesn’t take too long. But I’m definitely hoping to make some more this summer.

  7. Excellent effort, very professional, informative and educative.. Keep the good work Dr. Francois. May Hashem ybrakh otkha.

  8. These are great resources!

    Quick question: I’m interested in learning Syriac so that I can read Ephrem the Syrian’s poems and hymns and the Peshitta. Where would I find affordable versions of those texts?


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