Paragraph 97

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Syriac Text: J. –B. Chabot (ed.), Anonymi auctoris chronicon ad annum Christi 1234 pertinens. Praemissum est chronicon anonymum ad A.D. 819 pertinens (vol. 1; Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium, Scriptores Syri Series tertia; tomus 14, 1920). Translated by Mark Steven Francois (Ph.D.)  Last Updated: Sept. 18, 2018.

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The Anonymous Chronicle Up to 1234 AD – Paragraph 97

Paragraph §97 (ܨܙ)

Concerning the command that went out from Khusro that Edessa should go down into captivity. In the eighteenth year of the reign of Heraclius, Khusro issued a command that the people of Edessa should go down into captivity in Persia. And he wrote to the Marzban, the person who held power in Edessa, that this thing should be put into effect immediately. But the Marzban was a calm, kind, and merciful person and it seemed good to him that he should not send them down into captivity all at once and all together but little by little because he was hoping that forgiveness would come from the king. So he began to send them one district at a time.

And then a message was heard that Heraclius had gone down to Persian territory and, because of this, the people of Edessa were stopped from going down into captivity. However, two of these districts had been sent down the Euphrates and had reached as far as Dastagird. Some of the nobles of the city also went down, one of whom was Sergius, the son of Iwannis Rusafoyo (whom we mentioned above), who himself was taken into captivity at this time with his mother.

In that same year there was eclipse of the sun and half of the light of its sphere went away from October to June. This is why people said that it would never again possess its sphere.

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