Anonymous Chronicle Up to 1234

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Syriac Text: J. –B. Chabot (ed.), Anonymi auctoris chronicon ad annum Christi 1234 pertinens. Praemissum est chronicon anonymum ad A.D. 819 pertinens (vol. 1; Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium, Scriptores Syri Series tertia; tomus 14, 1920). Translated by Mark Steven Francois (Ph.D.) Last Updated: Sept. 11, 2018

Paragraph 92 – How the Persians Subdued Syria.

Paragraph 93 – The capture of Jerusalem at the hands of the Persians.

Paragraph 94 – Concerning the origin of the kingdom of the Muslims and concerning Muhammad, their leader, the one who by them was called a prophet and apostle of God.

Paragraph 95 – Concerning their doctrine and laws.

Paragraph 96 – Concerning the things that were happening in the world in the year of the coming of Muhammad.