Syriac Alphabet Tracing Sheet – West Syriac (Serto)

Classical Syriac Grammar

I have just added a tracing sheet for the Syriac alphabet in the West Syriac (Serto) script (see below). This script is an important script to learn since several important resources, most notably Payne Smith’s A Compendious Syriac Dictionary, are written in the West Syriac (Serto) script. My free online grammar of Classical Syriac, including resources similar to this, can be found at

Practice Sheet 1.8 – Alphabet Tracing Sheet – West Syriac (Serto)

The Classical Syriac Alphabet: The Names of the Letters and the Sounds They Make

This video gives the names of the letters of the Syriac alphabet in the Estrangela script and how they are pronounced. The pronunciation of the names of these letters and the sounds they make will vary depending on whether or not we’re using a West Syriac pronunciation or an East Syriac pronunciation. The pronunciation used in this video is close to the pronunciation used in East Syriac, though it reflects a pronunciation that would have been used at an earlier stage of the language. In other words, the pronunciation used here reflects the pronunciation that is generally given in fully vocalized East Syriac texts. For help learning how to write each letter, look for the tracing pages at Enjoy!

Eight Important Things to Know About the Syriac Alphabet

In this video we take a look at eight important things to know about the alphabet that is used in Classical Syriac:

1. It is descended from the alphabet used in Imperial Aramaic.

2. It is distantly related to the English alphabet.

3. It originally comes from in or around the city of Edessa.

4. It can be written in three different scripts.

5. It is written from right to left.

6. It is a semi-cursive script.

7. It was originally written without a full system of vowels.

8. It has twenty-two letters.

For my free online grammar of Classical Syriac, click here.

Mark Steven Francois (Ph.D.)

Syriac Grammar Chapter 3 is Now Up

Classical Syriac Grammar

I have just posted chapter 3 of my free online grammar of Classical Syriac in the Estrangela Script (  This chapter covers some basic signs used in writing, nouns, possessive ܕ, prepositions, the conjunction ܘ, and verbless clauses.

Practice sheets for chapter 3 will be posted as they become available.  Once again, feel free to download and print as many copies as you would like.  However, please do not alter any of the material, post it to another website, or publish it in any other form.  Thanks!